Sports, a boon for Amazon, which signs a new contract with SFR

Earlier this week, SFR announced that it had reached an agreement with Prime Video to distribute the Ligue 1 Pass in its Sport offerings.

SFR subscribers will be able to choose a package that includes one or more channels. The RMC Sport offer, Amazon Prime and Ligue 1 Pass, for example, will be available for 20 euros per month with a one-year subscription.

“SFR once again demonstrates its commitment to offering the most compelling content to its subscribers. By extending Amazon Prime and Ligue 1 Pass to Prime Video, RMC Sport, beIN SPORTS, SFR is reaffirming its commitment to the sport and meeting the expectations of its customers who want to be able to choose the most suitable offers,” the statement said. Gregory Rabuel, CEO of Altice France and SFR.

So far, Amazon has been selling the Ligue 1 Pass to its Prime subscribers for an additional fee of €12.99 per month, or €99 per year.

Amazon is overpricing

This announcement comes at a time when Amazon is announcing a price increase on all of its subscriptions in France. The increase in prices is significant: the annual subscription will increase from 49 euros to 69.90 euros at the beginning of the academic year in September, and the monthly subscription will increase from 5.99 to 6.99 euros.

In a letter to its subscribers, reported by NextInpact, the e-commerce giant elaborates that “this change is due to an increase in Prime’s operating costs in France.”

According to the data providedRegulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communications (Arcom) in the study of sports audiovisual content. Arcom claims that unlike previous years, when the months of July and August were very similar, the Ligue 1 Pass seems to have boosted Amazon Prime Video’s overall audience.

Onslaught on sports

Amazon wants its share of the French sports broadcast pie. Since 2020, the American giant has entered the French market by purchasing the rights to broadcast matches of Roland-Garros, as well as Ligue 1 and Ligue 2.

For sports, Amazon is “strengthening its Prime Video service with compelling programs and services to benefit its global Amazon Prime offering,” Arcom said.

However, the regulator also notes that there is still not enough data to monitor the consumption of online audiovisual sports content offerings. For example, Amazon has only “reported very little on the audience reached during Roland-Garros 2021 broadcasts, and the same goes for Pass League 1 subscribers.” Amazon simply indicated that several Ligue 1 matches reached an audience of “at least one million internet users,” adds Arcom.

According to research by Harris Interactive and NPA Conseil in December 2021, the Ligue 1 Pass will have almost 1.8 million subscribers. “This data is difficult to compare with the pay channel subscriber base, but nonetheless it shows a certain enthusiasm for a proposal that offers premium sports content,” the regulator analyzes in its document.

In addition to France, Amazon also deals with football, in particular the English national championship or even tennis. For other global subscription video-on-demand services, Arcom indicates that they are “limited at this stage to offer sports documentaries or series.” Apple has recently shown interest in sports rights and is said to be in talks to acquire exclusive rights to broadcast baseball games in the United States instead of heritage broadcaster ESPN.

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