Sports exploratory video game, yes it exists

EGS welcomes a few young people like Kylian who have dropped out and come back through the game, but most students come with their bachelor’s degree in their pocket. They are chosen on business and according to their motivation, as in all schools. But by the principle of the escape game, they also have to “unlock the locks”, emerge victorious from a series of challenges in order to gain access to training.

“We offer a dual course,” says Yoann Rousse, founder of the school. An academic course that provides a state-recognized diploma from Bachelor +2 to Bachelor +5 and in parallel a full preparation for eSports. At school, they are trained in the professions of a developer, computer systems and networks, graphic design … and they are also taught to play with programs for cognitive development, physical and mental fitness, and even nutrition. “A lot of people come out of a passion for video games. This is not enough. We show them what a real gaming professional is and give them the opportunity to develop. »

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Yoann Rousset (right), director of EGS, and Benoît Amédée in charge of the esports program.

Yoann Rousset (right), director of EGS, and Benoît Amédée in charge of the esports program.

Stefan Lartigue / SOUTH-WEST

Quests and missions

Because in virtual sports, as in any high-level competition: many are called, but few are chosen. “There are only 100 eSports professionals in France, including all games,” continues Joann Rousset. We know that 99% of young people will not make a career. It is not important. EGS offers them the opportunity to train at their own pace in a different way, because here the whole pedagogy is modeled on the game, “gamified”, in the language of geeks. We are not talking about modules or lessons, the program is based on islands. To escape, you must complete quests and missions on your own software. The teachers are supervisors, including about forty external contributors, including video game champions. “There are no top-down courses here,” explains the founder of the school. Students are not put on a running train. “Thus, if necessary, a bac +2 level course can be completed in three years. Launched at the beginning of the 2018 academic year, EGS currently has 200 students and just six girls. Every year about fifty new candidates join his program.

“I was in talks to sign an esports contract with Girondins de Bordeaux”

Remy, 23, has just finished his studies. He just got his degree in user interface (UI) design. And he oscillates between continuing his studies at the magistracy or going straight into professional life. Whatever his choice, he does not worry about the future and does not regret at all that he abandoned his accounting studies three years ago. “From an academic standpoint, I had the best year of my life when I started school. I had a good level in FIFA [jeu de simulation de football, NDLR]so I focused on that and progressed. “ Until time came together in a vicious circle of the top 20 French players. An excellent result, but not enough to become a professional. “I was in talks to sign an esports contract with Girondins de Bordeaux. In the end, they told me that I did not fit. It’s a little disappointing, but I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to get into the game. During competition, you can spend fifteen to sixteen hours a day in front of a screen. »

Remy is training on the touch screen.

Remy is training on the touch screen.

Stefan Lartigue / SOUTH-WEST

“This is not at all what we stand for, and that is why we created the structure,” replies Yoann Rousset. We want them not to get tired in the game, but to prepare efficiently and professionally. Preparation, which also includes physical training. Free access to the gym allows you to let off steam if needed.

Tuition fees: 14,600 euros per year for the first two years, 7,800 euros per year thereafter or under a work-study agreement.

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