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By tweaking a few Spotify settings, you can get the optimal experience without having to invest in True Wireless, headphones, or very high-end speakers.

Spotify is a music streaming service with millions of subscribers. While the iTunes Music Store popularized paying for individual tracks and albums, Spotify’s low monthly plan proved more fashionable.

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Despite fierce competition, Spotify remains the most used music streaming platform, well ahead of Apple Music and Amazon Music. Whether you’re already a regular user and planning to create an account or upgrade to Premium, here are some tips to make your music sound.

Adjust the base volume

While it’s easy to adjust the app’s volume, did you know that you can also adjust the volume scale to suit your environment? In addition to the regular mode, there’s a “Silent” mode, suitable for quiet environments such as a library (which allows for more precise low volume control), and a “High” mode, perfect for jogging on a noisy street. Please note that unlike normal and quiet modes, high mode may result in loss of quality.

Here’s how to access the setting:

  • Open the application;

  • Open the settings menu (gear top right);
  • Scroll down to the “Volume” option;
  • Choose a level.

Note that on a Mac, this option is hidden in the “Volume Level” drop-down list.

Adjust the equalizer

If your speakers or mobile listening device don’t offer you an equalizer setting, Spotify allows the user to adjust the balance between low, mid, and high frequencies as desired. You can choose from a variety of existing modes or make personal settings in six points.

  • Open Spotify;

  • Open the settings menu (gear top right);
  • Scroll down the menu and tap Equalizer.

Windows and Mac apps do not allow this adjustment, but there are apps to tweak your computer’s sound, such as Equalizer APO (Windows) or eqMac 2 (Mac).

Adjust your streaming quality

As with SVoD platforms, you can adjust the audio quality of the stream. Please note that a higher quality stream requires a good connection and consumes more mobile data than a “regular” stream.

  • Open the application;

  • Open the settings menu (gear top right);
  • Scroll down to the “Volume” option;
  • Choose from Auto, Low, Normal, High, or Extra High (premium only).

Please note that a distinction can be made depending on the connection mode (Wi-Fi or data) and that the option also allows you to lower the quality in case of low bandwidth to maintain a smooth listening experience. article adapted by CNETFrance

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