Spotify announces ‘HiFi’ subscription, expansion to 80 countries and new exclusive podcasts –

Spotify presented its vision of a ” new golden age of audio », Revealing that it will launch a new high-quality“ HiFi ”subscription later this year and that it will expand to over 80 new countries in the coming days. The streaming music giant also unveiled a slew of new tools for artists and podcast makers.

The new Spotify HiFi audio subscription will launch in select countries later this year. Spotify has not specified its price, but it should be in the range practiced by the competition around 20 dollars per month and probably the same amount in euros. It’s a safe bet that this new service will be available in the United States as well as in Sweden, Spotify’s home country.

Spotify available in 36 new languages

The company is also embarking on its largest expansion into new markets. In the coming days, Spotify will expand to more than 80 new markets in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. The service will be available in 36 new languages, including Romanian, Hindi and Swahili, bringing the total number of languages ​​supported to over 60.

Another major area of ​​development: podcasts. Spotify has formalized several exclusive partnerships with former United States President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen as well as the Russo brothers (Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game).

Creators will benefit from new tools brought together in the Spotify for Artists hub which has become the clearinghouse for people who post music to Spotify and is now home to a growing range of tools and resources. Spotify has 345 million users, including 155 million paying subscribers.

Article from adapted by CNETFrance

Image: James Martin / CNET

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