SQDC: $54 million paid to Quebec in the first quarter – La Nouvelle Union and L’Avenir de l’Érable

Leah Levesque, The Canadian Press

MONTREAL — The Cannabis Society of Quebec paid $54 million to the State of Quebec in the first quarter of 2022.

That figure includes its $20.5 million net income (profit) and $33.5 million in consumption and excise taxes, the state-owned company said on Monday.

The sum of the net result should be invested in prevention, cannabis research and combating the harmful effects of substance use, the SQDC noted.

Similarly, sales continued to grow compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year. Thus, they reached a value of $139 million compared to $136.5 million for the corresponding period last year.

Thus, 25,050 kilograms of cannabis were sold legally, mostly in branches.

During this quarter, from March 27 to June 18, 2022, SQDC opened two new branches in Montreal and Gaspe. As of June 18, there were 89 of them, in which 1051 people worked.

SQDC notes that during the quarter it also held talks with two trade union organizations representing workers in some of its branches.

Thus, an agreement has been reached with the CSN members, but not yet with the larger members of the CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees), which is part of the FTQ. Workers in 44 of its 89 departments (as of June 18) are unionized, including 28 in CUPE.

Of this number, 22 branches have been affected by the CUPE union strike since May 20th. However, all branches are open; These are managers who solve various tasks on a reduced schedule.

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