SQDC: agreement in principle ratified by members of CSN – La Nouvelle Union et L’Avenir de l’Érable.

Leah Levesque, The Canadian Press

MONTREAL. The agreement in principle reached on Friday regarding the renewal of the collective agreement in some branches of the Société québécoise du cannabis has been ratified.

The agreement in principle that has been reached concerns only the trade union members of the CSN branches of the Federation of Civil Servants. The trade union has members in about fifteen branches of the SQDC network.

CSN, in principle, did not want to disclose the percentage of support for the agreement.

The contract is for four years and includes an increase in wages, working hours, team leader bonus and number of hours for part-time employees, CSN reports.

The leadership of the Société québécoise du cannabis confirmed the agreement in principle and its ratification. She said she was “satisfied with this beneficial agreement for all parties involved.”

Another trade union organization, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), affiliated with FTQ, represents more than 300 SQDC employees. Its members in 22 branches have already declared an indefinite strike.

Negotiations are not broken; COUPE. expects them to resume soon.

Workers in 47 other branches of the SQDC are not unionized.

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