Square Enix calls Outriders its ‘next big franchise’, reaching 3.5 million unique players •

Outriders, developer People Can Fly’s co-op looter-shooter, received a mixed critical reception at launch, but publisher Square Enix seems quite pleased with the public response, saying the game is “on the verge of being the next. next big franchise. company “after 3.5 million unique players came together for the experience in its first month.

Things didn’t really start off well for Outriders when it launched on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in early April, of course, with server issues that left many players without access to the game for almost three days. Despite these early swings, Square now says the Outriders have seen over 3.5 million unique players since launch, racking up “an average playtime of over 30 hours” and “extremely high engagement for co-op play.” .

At least part of its success can probably be attributed to its launch on day one on Xbox Game Pass. But regardless, Square says Outriders is now on its way to becoming the company’s “next big franchise”. suggesting that more installments could be on the way – not bad for a game many had abandoned after a few early disclosures, quite disappointing.

Let’s play Outriders PS5 Demo.

For its part, People Can Fly says it is “very grateful for the support and feedback from the community,” and offers assurances that it “will continue to listen carefully” and that it is “committed to improving and improving the experience at. come. weeks and months. “.

Those still curious about the Outriders can try the game through its demo on PlayStation and Xbox stores, as well as Steam and GeForce Now on PC. Additionally, Square says it will be celebrating today’s news with various “limited-time price promotions” across all platforms, from now until the end of May.

Eurogamer, if you are wondering, has quite like Outriders once its launch issues have been resolved, calling it a “smart but familiar” shooter. “While you’re unlikely to become a fan of those of you who have tried previous shooters and weren’t happy,” wrote contributor Vikki Blake. in your review, “As an avid guardian and fan of the card carrying genre, the Outriders tickle me in all the right places. Offering solid, satisfying shots and a variety of extra powers and abilities to keep combat fresh and exciting, I can only admit that Outriders surprised me in all the right ways. Maybe this will surprise you too. “

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