Square Enix in the sights of the PlayStation? – Xbox One Magazine

What if Sony PlayStation acquired Square Enix? This is a rumor that has been simmering at the moment, for several hours. Indeed, after the takeover by the Embracer Group of some of the Western studios owned by Square Enix, as well as their licenses (notably Tomb Raider and Deus Ex), one wonders what the Japanese studio could have planned, which, by virtue of some of its sagas (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest, to name but a few) received “only” 300 million from a recent sale. A figure that might seem surprising considering the billions recently spent by manufacturers and publishers to expand their development teams (acquiring Activision/Blizzard, Bethesda or Bungie).

This takeover rumor started by Jeff Grubb makes sense and is almost…obvious. The aforementioned role-playing games, led by Final Fantasy, have historically been associated with the PlayStation brand despite several console incursions by Microsoft in recent years. Invasions that also ended with the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which never made it to US consoles despite being temporarily exclusive for a year.

History To do justice to these statements, we can add that major manufacturers such as Sony and Microsoft have clearly announced their intentions to buy more studios in order to increase their development teams. So, barring a surprise worthy of an Activision/Blizzard takeover, it’s highly likely that Square Enix will side with the PlayStation, likely depriving Xbox players of future JRPGs like Final Fantasy XVI and Kingdom Hearts 4.

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