“Squid Game”: For most of you, it is impossible to let the youngest see the series

Squid Game, a South Korean series, is a hit on Netflix and even got off to the best start in the platform’s history. It has been viewed by 111 million households subscribing to Netflix. Not bad, for a series forbidden to minors under 16 years of age. But is this prohibition really respected? We can doubt this when we know that in Belgium, among others, children were inspired by history to play a violent version of 1,2,3 … Soleil!

In Squid Game, 456 players compete in deadly versions of children’s games, where losers are summarily shot. On Facebook we ask you if you have seen the series with your family. For Steeve, the ban on minors under 16 “is not negotiable! And if unfortunately the child has already fallen into this series, then we must talk about it! We really have to prevent this type of media! ”.

The problem is that the youngest hear about the program in the schoolyard or on social media. Yannick’s 12-year-old daughter “wanted to look because in her class many of her friends had permission. So I watched the series to form an opinion, after which I forbade her to watch. “The same with Vincent:” My 13-year-old daughter asked us for permission to monitor her because many of her friends had already seen her. We refused. She did not. is interested in looking, I think the age indicated is not for appearance. ” Doriane’s daughter is only 8 years old but knows the series by reputation: “She talks to me about it almost every day because some friends her age have seen her. But I won’t let her watch. I am not interested in this type of series either. There is enough horror in real life. “

Yohan is fatalistic “sadly banning it at home is no longer enough, three clicks on your smartphone and you have access!” Same story with Amélie who has two children of 9 and 12 years: “the big one has seen excerpts or comments of the series on Tiktok and the little one has friends who must have seen the series … And I have discovered that they also know the movie The Purge (the same, forbidden to see it, thanks friends!) “In fact, it is difficult to constantly monitor what the youngest have access to.” If parents knew everything that young people see … Véronique laughs. When she buys a phone For your 8 or 9 year olds, you shouldn’t expect them not to use social media, Netflix, etc.

And video games?

The arrival of Squid Game to the screens is not the first when it comes to the problem of violence and youth. Thomas points out that many children under the age of 16 already play violent video games, such as Call of Duty or GTA, which are also prohibited for this age group. Natacha responds: “My oldest, who will be 11 years old, tells me that some friends have been playing it since elementary school, especially GTA. It is up to the parents to manage, it is they who must choose the games. Here they are in basic games, their ages, and they especially like the Game Boy with Pokémon, Link … the rest is not possible and even at a ‘recommended’ age it is not the style of the house, too violent, dumbfounded. “

Yacine, he, evokes reality shows and “prefers that [ses] children watch it instead of being brutalized in front of the Marseillais in Dubai … “For Samara, it is” choosing between the plague or cholera “, while a netizen considers that the two programs are dangerous for mental health.

“The debate is not there”

Barbara, authorized her children to watch the series: “I’m going to be furious, but it’s a shame. My 14 and 17-year-old children watched. Here we talk with our children. With the making off, we can explain to them how the scenes of violence are They film with fake blood, prosthetics and everything … My daughters are stable and it does not shock them more than that. I prefer that they see it 100 times than movies or series in which sex, sexual submission, rape, etc., are they trivialize. ” Séverine supports him: “Idem. 14 and 11 years old and they understood that it was fiction. I’d rather know that than have my back looked at. “

Marie does not give in to worry either: “As long as the children manage to dissociate themselves between the series and reality, I think it won’t be a problem.”

Coraline also finds that all these reactions are exaggerated and thinks that the real problem is elsewhere: “This story is crazy … in elementary school I saw horror movies: Damien, The Grudge, Halloween, etc. However, I never had fun stabbing classmates or other people. I’m not saying that kids have to watch these kinds of shows; in fact, there is an age limit and it is not in vain, but the debate is not there in my opinion. But rather, why do children who watch this type of series come to reproduce the scenes? “

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