STALKER 2: A visual slap in the face with these new Xbox exclusive images

Game news STALKER 2: A Visual Perspective With These New Xbox Exclusive Images

Published on 21.01.2023 at 14:51

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Despite the tedious development and the dire situation of their developers mobilized for the conflict in Ukraine, GSC Game World intends to release STALKER 2. Development is proceeding according to plan, and today we are discovering new exciting images.


  • Visual slap when approaching
  • Development in the war zone

Visual slap when approaching

After years of waiting, STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl should finally see the light of day in 2023. The project from GSC Game World is expected by a large number of players, but in the development process, he faced big problems. The most important and most serious is the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that has affected the country of developers.

Ready to defy all dangers to defend their nation, the GSC Game World teams have not given up on their game. If several members of the studio decided to resist the invader, most of the team left the country and moved to the Czech Republic. Major work is currently underway there to offer STALKER 2 later this year on Xbox Series and PC.

To wait and see the extent of development progress, some images have been made available. And we can only applaud the work of these brave developers. As a reminder, STALKER 2 will run under Unreal 5. The result is great and we can really expect to find a game with exceptional graphics.

Development in the war zone

As mentioned earlier, several GSC Game World developers are still in Ukraine. If 200 studio members left for the Czech Republic, then another 130 remained in their country and are still working on their name. The task is as colossal as it is heroic for these developers who want to protect their nation above all else. To protest this conflict in their own way, the developers also changed the title of the game to stick to the Ukrainian pronunciation rather than the original Russian. A release date for STALKER 2 is still unknown, but it should be out later this year on PC and Xbox Series at best. The game can be pre-ordered now.

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