Standard Xbox Series X: the console is available again on Cdiscount

Starting today and while stocks last, the latest Microsoft console is available for purchase. Thanks to numerous technologies, video games have never been so realistic and exciting.

Several sets of console + game and/or gaming headset

Among the offerings offered by Cdiscount, the next generation Xbox Series X console is available with multiple games. Fans of first-person shooters or racing games can find the latest flagship licenses.

Xbox Series X console + gaming headset + Halo Infinite game

This Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Console Pack immerses the player in a continuation of a story that was suspended in 2015 with the release of Halo 5: Guardians. Expected by fans of the license of the same name, the Microsoft exclusive game pays homage to the interstellar universe of previous episodes. The RIG 400HX headphones remain comfortable even for hours of use.

  • Xbox Series X Bundle + RIG 400HX Headset + Halo Infinite

Xbox Series X console + gaming headset + 4 games to download (fan suggested)

This pack contains the codes needed to download 4 games (Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Anthem, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Middle-earth: Shadow of War) and allows you to start playing right away. The Xbox Series X also contains a wired headset, admittedly basic but good enough for occasional use. The box includes a fan.

  • Xbox Series X Console + 4 GAMES + HELMET + FREE FAN

Xbox Series X console + Forza Horizon 5 game

Designed for racing gamers, the Xbox Series X + Forza Horizon 5 Pack delivers thrills on tarmac, sand or snow. The latest installment in the Forza Horizon saga also offers unprecedented vehicle customization with a graphical quality hitherto unmatched by developers.

  • XBOX Series X + Forza Horizon 5 PACK

Given the phenomenal success of the next-gen console, Cdiscount’s Xbox Series X+ bundles of games and accessories are likely to sell out quickly. It’s about time if you’ve been looking for a console all over the place for months.

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