Star Citizen – Invictus 2952 Launch Week and Free Flight

Invictus 2952 launch week is about to begin, and with it, the opportunity to test all Star Citizen ships for free.

Like every year, Invictus Launch Week is back to offer us a week of events around the Star Citizen ships. During Invictus, new players will have access to a free flight, which means you can play Star Citizen for free and test all the ships there!


So from May 20 to May 31, 2022, you will be able to welcome the UEE fleet during Invictus Launch Week. This year we are waiting for change, because, I quote:

The main Invictus launch week celebration at Stanton will take place amidst the clouds of the Crusader.

A quick reminder of what Invictus is:

Invictus marks the start of a new year for UEE Navy recruits and marks the graduation of the last class of enlisted men and officers. The origins of this event date back to 2541 and the First Tevarin War, when the UEE sent transport ships to every planet to collect recruits for basic training. The locals gathered to commemorate those who went to defend humanity and marveled at the impressive warships.

Today, Invictus Launch Week is celebrated across the UEE systems with high-flown public speeches from the Navy. As an added attraction, the galaxy’s leading technology and defense manufacturers are using the holidays to showcase starships and the weaponry they provide to the military.

Also, feel free to check out our full summary from last year:

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During this long week, different manufacturers will present their ships to us. So the program would be:

  • May 20 and 21: Anvil Aerospace;
  • May 22 and 23: Aegis Dynamics;
  • May 24 and 25: RSI, Origin Jumpworks, Consolidated Outland, Argo Astronautics;
  • May 26 and 27: Crusader Industries, Tambril, MISC;
  • May 28 and 29: Drake’s interplanetary flight;
  • 30 and 31: final.

Invictus 2952 launch week.Invictus 2952 launch week.

free flight

Invictus is the perfect time to test one or more machines. After all, during this week the game will be free and we will be able to test all the ships available in Versa, i.e. over 100 models!

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