Star Trek: Lower Decks New Season 2 Teaser Did Not Disappoint

The last and probably the last trailer for the second season of the series. Star Trek: Lower Decks“deformed in the net, and this is the feast of the rich”Star Trek“links, so there’s a lot to discover in this full-scale battle of new content.

Perhaps one of the first things that pops up in the new trailer, which debuted on Friday (23 July) During the Star Trek Universe panel at this year’s virtual Comic-Con @ Home event, the Tamarian – Lieutenant Kayshon, voiced by Karl Tarth – joined the crew of USS Cerritos. (First seen in The Next Generation episode “Darmock” S05, E22.) There are also First Contact costumes, Quark Casino, Cardassians, Captain Riker, Pakleds and Tom Paris.

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