Starburst candy will send TikTok fan videos into space

Starburst, a soft fruity toffee, is getting a nod to its name and is poised to become the first brand to send TikTok videos into space.

Starting today (September 6), gummy lovers are encouraged to use the short video service to ask the question, “How do they make Starburst taste so juicy?” The most creative and imaginative TikTok videos will get a chance to stream across the galaxy for the benefit of all who can listen to them.

“While Starburst isn’t the first time it’s encouraged curiosity, wonder and imagination, Ask the Universe is the brand’s first space exploration mission,” Martin Terwilliger, director of marketing for Mars Wrigley, told “That’s why we wanted to make sure this campaign goes beyond this world… partnering with SpaceSpeak to be the first brand to send TikTok into space using its unique technology.”

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Originally conceived in 2005 by Peter Beery, a professor and entrepreneur with a PhD in particle physics, SpaceSpeak uses a low-power 2-5 GHz transmitter connected to an 18-inch parabolic antenna to send messages—or, in this case, converted TikTok videos. – into the space. The photons that make up these messages will continue to travel through space for countless millennia.

“According to SpaceSpeak, videos will travel at the speed of light; this means that after they are sent into space, they will only pass through the entire solar system on the first day, ”says a media report describing Starburst. Universe,” the TikTok Challenge said in a post.

TikTok creators only need to tag their videos with the #BeamItUpStarburst tag to participate. Those who have been selected can visit the Ask the Universe website to see where their video is traveling in space in real time.

“Space talk on TikTok is huge. We know that millions of people use the platform to connect with other space enthusiasts and look for content that is both educational and more sci-fi,” said Terwilliger. With such a funny question to answer, “How do they make Starburst taste so juicy?” “We’re excited to see the creative ways fans are trying to communicate with any potential higher lifeforms.”

The most creative and imaginative TikTok videos asking “How do they make Starburst taste so juicy?” will win the chance to go into the depths of space through a partnership with SpaceSpeak, making Starburst the first brand to ever launch TikTok into space. (Image credit: Starburst)

Starburst is partnering with astrophysicist and space communications expert Kirsten Banks (@astrokirsten). (will open in a new tab) on TikTok) to provide an example and some inspiration on how to create beam-worthy content. Hundreds of thousands of people have watched Banks’ videos, covering topics such as the sounds of a black hole and the latest discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope.

So what makes Starburst so juicy?

“That’s the age-old question!” Terwilliger said. “For years, people have wondered what really makes Starburst so juicy, but here on Earth, it has mostly gone unanswered. We hope our fans will help us ask the question of the universe and any higher intelligence that might exist out there so we can get the answers!”

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