Starlink is halving the subscription price in France to 50 euros per month.

SpaceX has just announced a significant price cut for its Starlink subscription in France, its satellite internet. Instead of 99 euros per month, SpaceX will now only ask for half.

Credits: Starlink

Starlink subscribers were pleasantly surprised last night to receive an email from SpaceX informing them that the monthly service fee in France has been reduced. Elon Musk’s $99/month satellite internet subscription has halved to $50/month. Thus, France is now the country where Starlink is the cheapest in the world.

However, although the subscription has become more affordable, the price of the antenna is still very high, especially due to the shortage of chips around the world. When subscribing for equipment, you will have to pay 634 euros, but shipping costs are offered. Recall that now this is a new rectangular version, which the company introduced last year.

Starlink limits the use of subscriber data

This significant reduction in subscription costs is accompanied by a new data consumption policy. Indeed, starting in October, the company plans to implement a “fair use policy” that is expected to include slowing down internet access when users exceed the 250GB monthly limit, as well as when using network bandwidth.

Thus, the subscription will always be unlimited, but the speed will be limited after using 250 GB of data. To restore network priority after 250 GB, users will have to pay more. “Users who consume 250GB of data per month or less will receive priority. Users who exceed 250 GB per month will still have access to unlimited data, but may experience lower speeds during network congestion. “Users can also purchase additional priority recovery data at a cost of €10/100 GB.”

By paying €100 per month for Starlink, the same as the original subscription price, you get 750 GB of data to use with priority access. If you don’t want rampant speeds above 250GB, but want the ability to take your antenna everywhere, Starlink offers a portability option for €25/month.

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