Starlink: Roaming offer available and promises internet everywhere for $200 per month

Officially, Starlink is finally launching its roaming offer. This replaces Starlink’s RV offering, which has opened up the service to all vehicles and notably allows Internet access via satellite even in regions not covered by the firm. You will still have to pay $200 per month to take advantage of this.

Credits: Starlink

We announced this to you almost a month ago: Starlink was getting ready to launch its roaming offer, giving access to its satellite internet offer anywhere in the world. Now it’s done. The Starlink RV subscription, which allows you to communicate even in a moving vehicle, has been officially replaced by a Starlink Roam subscription. As the name suggests, this proposal aims to create a service in countries that are not yet covered.

Specifically, this offer allows users to take their antenna with them wherever they go and thus access the Internet. As SpaceX clarifies, the goal is primarily to enable subscribers to “travel to places where communications are unreliable or not available at all.” Provided, of course, that you have the means to do so. As expected, the subscription does cost $200 per month.

Starlink satellite internet now covers the whole world

As you have already understood, this roaming offer concerns, first of all, companies and professionals who travel regularly. Also of note, this subscription works with the main antenna and is priced at $599. If you’re interested in Internet on the move, you’ll have to keep using the Flat High Performance terminal for the sweet $2,500 price.

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Similarly, if you use Starlink in a country other than yours for more than two months, you will need to change your home address in order to continue using it. Finally, SpaceX warns users that they may experience “brief periods of poor or no connectivity” while the service is properly optimized.

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