Starship, to the Moon, Mars and beyond…

INFOGRAPHY. The giant SpaceX jet is ready to take off. The first orbital flight of the most powerful rocket in the world may soon take place. NASA’s chosen mega-launcher is supposed to get astronauts back to the moon before heading to Mars.

Like a silver arrow, Starship is on the launch pad in Boca Chica, Texas, ready for its first launch. It will be a matter of days or weeks. With its 1950s-inspired design, you might think you’re back at the height of the Cold War. Again, as in 1969, the SpaceX rocket promises the moon… But in this first quarter of the 21st century, it heralds the promise of far more distant horizons. After being tested in orbital flight, then building a lunar base, it will aim for Mars, bleaching the era of spaceflight of the future, the incredible hope of the first people on the red planet. With his 120 meters in height, he has already received an award for gigantism.

It is 10 meters superior to Saturn V, which 50 years ago sent 12 American Apollo astronauts to walk our natural satellite without any hiccups. It is one and a half times heavier. Better than a space shuttle, it’s fully reusable, its first stage is a super-heavy…

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