Start-up Manna Aero drops meal deliveries by drone to deliver medicines

Manna Aero has abandoned her drone meal delivery pilot. Instead, the start-up has approached Irish health authorities to deliver medicines and essentials, reports BBC. A project intended to help people confined to their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic but with medical prescriptions.

The autonomous drone can carry 4kg

The test takes place at Moneygall. If the drone is autonomous, a pilot follows its course and can act at any time in the event of a problem, adds the BBC. Manna Aero’s drone can carry up to 4 kg in a compartment the size of a large shoe box. The start-up ensures that it can make a hundred deliveries a day.

Delivery requests can be made by phone so that as many people as possible can benefit from this service, even those without a smartphone. This changes drone delivery pilots whose service is only accessible via an application.

500 similar cities in Ireland

Manna Aero hopes to validate her rural delivery concept. Ireland has 500 cities the size of Moneygall. A beautiful market to conquer for Manna Aero who abandoned the delivery of food on a university campus. This test, which was to take place in mid-March in partnership with Just Eat, was finally put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But this crisis also allowed Manna Aero to review her project and turn to rural delivery.

It is not the only drone delivery project in the UK. The country has launched, in partnership with the University of Southampton and the start-up Windracers, a drone delivery pilot to quickly serve the Isle of Wight located in the south of England. The Covid-19 pandemic and containment measures accelerate the installation of delivery pilots by drone or using autonomous robots.


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