Starting this summer, 60,000 free train tickets will be created for young French and Germans.

Warming of relations between France and Germany. The two bordering countries will install a “two-way ticket” for young people in the summer, 60,000 of which will be free, “to encourage train travel within the two countries,” the two governments announced on Sunday after the Franco-American agreement. Council of Ministers of Germany in Paris. “In honor of the 60th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty,” which cemented the reconciliation between the two countries, “60,000 tickets will be provided free of charge, subject to terms and conditions to be finalized shortly,” the transport ministers of the two countries said. , Clement Bon and Volker are missing, in a joint press release.

The two states pledge financial support for this system created by SNCF and Deutsche Bahn (DB). Paris and Berlin also say they are “supporting” the development in 2024 of a direct high-speed rail link between Berlin and Paris, as well as a night train linking the two European capitals. The two rail companies announced in May the opening of the Paris-Berlin TGV for December 2023. From here, SNCF and Deutsche Bahn are already running joint high-speed TGV and ICE trains between France and Germany. – Strasbourg high-speed line in June 2007.


Europe wins 35,000 train tickets for 18 year olds

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