State of Decay 2: update 24 is available as well as a special t-shirt

Undead Labs just updated the excellent State of Decay 2. Starting today, all players will be able to receive a new high thanks to this update in addition to some improvements. The free t-shirt is designed by artist Ty Ferrell and will automatically be added to your wardrobe. It is available on the occasion of Black History Month that Xbox puts forward. More information on this at the end of the article.

The days are finally starting to get longer, and the developers are working hard to make the game even more enjoyable. With this update, new recruiting opportunities will arrive. Plus, you’ll finally be able to play keyboard and mouse from your Xbox One and Xbox Series console.

Update 24 will bring many new features

Easy recruitment

To survive in State of Decay 2 it is essential to found a beautiful community. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the right companions. Fortunately, this turns out to be a thing of the past because from today each non-hostile enclave could be a source of recruits. Thus, if they are not busy shooting you, or they have no problem (mission in progress) you can recruit some of their members.

Thus, since update 24, allied enclaves will allow you to recruit for free, as before, but friendly enclaves can be recruited in exchange for 750 influence points. For the neutral enclaves the price will amount to 1500 points of influence. From now on, the best way to recruit new soldiers / companions will be to contact a new community via your radio.

The return of the Trumbull Valley pack

The famous content pack is making a comeback! It contains six weapons who appeared in Heartland, as well as four outfits worn by iconic survivors of State of Decay. In addition, the pack provides some improvised weapons and an installation mod that allows you to craft a series of weapons with your spare parts.

State-of-Decay2-Bounty-broker-updateNews from the Bounty Broker

It’s been a year now since new content packs have arrived via the Bounty Broker. After more than 11 distinct collections of weapons, outfits, and other useful gear all with a unique theme, it’s time for a brand new calendar. Thanks to update 24, the different packs will be able to enter and exit the game automatically. The first day of each month will therefore be an opportunity to update the Bounty Broker inventory. The schedule will be regular and predictable and you will be able to enjoy the package that is most important to you.

We already know the coming months and from March 1st the Pawn Shop pack will make a comeback to replace the Fearsome Footage Pack. Then, in April, the Plunder Pack will be available to replace the Stay Frosty pack, And so on.

Keyboard and mouse support

Starting today you can connect a mouse and keyboard to your Xbox to enjoy it with State of Decay 2! This addition, long requested by the community, is a real plus. Moreover, all the keys are fully customizable, whether for the mouse and the keyboard. As a bonus, the key mapping will be saved if you alternate your games between the Windows 10 version and the Xbox version. So, don’t hesitate to make your best mappings.

Some fixes

A set of fixes are also coming with this update. Whether it is a regularization of the zombie spawn, a remedy for the problems of enclaves, or some adjustments, you can find all the improvements via this link.

All about the t-shirt

Are you interested in the original t-shirt? Imagine that it is also available now in physical and limited edition from February 8 to March 1, 2021. You can indeed get it on the official Xbox Gear Shop store. It is available for $ 19.99 and proceeds from the sales will go to the NAACP up to $ 5.50 per t-shirt. The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is an association that ensures political, educational, social and economic equality of rights for all people regardless of their skin color. Moreover, here, neither Undead Labs, nor Microsoft, will derive any profit from the sale of these t-shirts.

If the game still interests you, find it directly in Xbox Game Pass! State of Decay 2 has a very nice Xbox Series optimization.

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