State of play # February 7, 2021 Knockout City: Cross-play beta runs April 2-4

The opportunity to better understand the principles and mechanics of this revisited prison ball game, but also to announce the dates of the cross-play beta which will involve players from all the platforms concerned: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One , Switch, Steam and Origin. Registration is done here although it should be noted that it does not guarantee a place to try the game before the time.

In the meantime, this new trailer highlights the characteristics of this title, in which you have to play on the placement, the trajectory of the throw and the passing game to KO a rival with the ball, but where you can also become the ball yourself if necessary. There are also different types of special balloons, such as the bomb balloon that explodes at the end of the countdown, the sniper balloon that targets an enemy even at the other end of the map or the moon balloon that allows you to jump. upper.

More details are available on the PlayStation Blog, especially regarding game modes. The release of Knockout City is scheduled for May 21 at a price of 19.99 euros.

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