Steam: the latest beta version disables access to previous versions of games

The latest beta version of Steam removes a feature particularly popular with modders and speedrunners: the ability to roll back to a previous version of a game.

Credit: Steam

While Steam just gave its download page a big boost, Valve’s platform just welcomed its new beta. And as specified by our colleagues on the SteamDB site, this version removes a feature appreciated by modders and speedrunners: the ability to revert to a previous version of a game.

In fact, the specialized site has noticed changes in the way customers connect to the content distribution network. “This method takes the application ID, repository ID, manifest ID, branch name, and branch password. All these settings must match the current information of the application for it to return a valid manifest code, if something does not match, or if you are not the owner of the game, it will return the result “Access Denied”.

In other words, players will now only have access to the latest version of a game, unless the developers allow access to earlier versions. As SteamDB reminds us, removing this feature will be especially a hit for modders and speedrunners.

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Steam removes an essential feature for modders

In fact, it’s not uncommon for mods to work only on specific software versions, which has forced modders to revert to previous versions of certain titles, like GTA IV or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, for example, to make sure. that your creation still works.

The same goes for sprint runners, who often rely on mistakes and glitches to finish a game as quickly as possible. However, if the developers end up fixing these issues (for the convenience of average gamers), speed runners want to be able to continue to take advantage of these flaws to gain precious minutes on the clock. Something that becomes impossible if we can no longer go back to a previous version of a game.

Finally, it often happens that updates spoil a game, be it through bugs, a security breach, or a controversial new feature. In these conditions, it is always good for the player to go back to a previous version … It remains to be seen if Steam really intends to eliminate this possibility of switching from one version of a game to another in the stable version of the software.


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