Steam User Releases PSA About Controller Lighting Options

Steam controller support is very good in 2022, with full integration for a wide range of controllers beyond Microsoft’s Xbox tablets. Valve introduced dedicated support for the Sony PlayStation 4 controller in 2018, and the PlayStation 5 DualSense works well too – some games even offer the ability to use some of its more advanced features like haptic feedback.

However, there is one nifty little feature that users often overlook because it’s tucked away in a somewhat odd place on the menu that you might not have thought to check, especially since most controllers just plug in and work, so you may not have even thought to dig into the menu to see what else you can do with them.

Such was the case with Kinda author Fanny Parris, who uses the pseudonym vicious696 on Twitter. Parris posted a photo of his Xbox controller in front of the “Customize Your Controller” menu on Steam, saying, “Many years ago, I realized that I could change the color of the Xbox home button on Steam. »

That’s right – you can choose from a full range of RGB tints to light up your hands as you play, and it’s not just limited to Xbox controllers. PS4 and PS5 controllers can use this out-of-the-box feature to change the color, saturation, and intensity of the lightbar.

Unfortunately, not all Xbox controllers can offer different colors – the multi-colored Xbox button demonstrated by Parris is only available on the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. However, you can change the brightness of other models, which can still come in handy if you find the bright white glow distracting.

To take advantage of this, all you have to do is go to the Steam display menu, click Settings, then Controller, then General Controller Settings. There you will see a list of the controllers you have discovered at the bottom. Select the panel you want and click the Settings menu and you should see an option to change your colors. If it doesn’t appear, you may need to check the extended support option for your controller of choice on the controller settings page.

Apparently, Parris wasn’t the only one who didn’t realize this, although the feature has been around for a while. The post conveying information to the Steam subreddit received nearly 10,000 upvotes. Users in the comments took the liberty of sharing their hues – I personally like the attractive emerald green or, of course, the warm orange of PCGamesN.

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