Steel City Shows Boxing Club Esports Gameplay

News> Steel City Shows Boxing Club Esports Gameplay

– Posted on 04.10.2021, 21:07
– By Vincent P.

The Fight Night license having for the time being hung up the gloves after the Champion opus, we have been waiting for a new boxing game for a good ten years. More precisely, we are especially expecting a good boxing game on our new-gen consoles, just to exploit new technology to impress us …

This is where Steel City Interactive saw an opportunity. He is currently developing eSports Boxing Club, a title that will have real licenses and a roster including stars of the discipline. A career mode will even be there, as shown in the big presentation of more than 7 minutes below which also presents the work carried out on several elements of the gameplay. Steam gamers will be able to sample it this summer with early access, but if we’re talking about it, it’s because PlayStation and Xbox gamers will also be able to play it eventually.


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