Steelrising, Bayonetta 3, Swordship: school games promise to be entertaining

Role-playing games are popular this fall 2022. Users will have the option to embody a father driven by his paternal instinct, a (mechanical) dancer or a demon hunter. But other genres are not left out.

No room for courage

Housed at Ysbryd Games (the gorgeous VA-11 Hall-A), No Place for Bravery puts parrying at the heart of its thrusting combat. His fantastic medieval knowledge, sometimes close to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, is combined with a delivery that skillfully touches on the theme of fatherhood. In this Brazilian role-playing game, a father grabs his sword and searches for his daughter, assisted by his disabled son. The game was also inspired by the fatherhood of one of its creators. Or how to translate the fragility of existence into gameplay.

Released September 22. Published by Ysbryd Games and developed by Glitch Factory, age 16+, available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Serial cleaners

From the last season of Better Call Saul to Pulp Fiction, crime shows have graced the small and big screens. The serial cleaners are inspired by a Tarantino movie to balance penetration and exploration. Moving the body slowly, wiping up the blood, hiding in front of a police officer who arrived earlier than expected… The game, set in the 90s, puts on the gloves of four cleaners with different techniques. It is enough to multiply approaches by dexterity, hacking or brute force. Say goodbye to stains!

Released September 23rd. Published by 505 Games and developed by Draw Distance, age 16+ for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

steel rise

Steelrising fantasizes about the French Revolution, populated by humanoid automatons inspired by the (real) machines of Jacques Vaucanson, an 18th-century Parisian engineer. Aegis, a mechanical dancer incarnated by the player, protects a despairing Marie Antoinette on a night of bloodshed. From the Tuileries to Les Invalides, this role-playing game features challenging combat. A keen sense of timing – hello Bloodborne – is a must as well. By unlocking multiple accessories (grab, ram, etc.) as you progress, the game expands your range of motion. Steelrising may well come as a surprise. From The Technomancer to Greedfall, Spiders has really been constantly improving for ten years. Oh! How it works?

Released September 8th. Published by Nacon and developed by Spiders, age 16+, available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

Indie: Kings of the Game

Like last year, the indie storm is competing with releases from major publishers who avoid any risk with sequels and re-releases. King of the Microwave, Sony will release The Last of Us Remake and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on September 2 and October 19, respectively, while action RPG fans will be celebrating the release of A Plague Tale: Requiem around mid-October. (October 18) and Gotham Knights (October 25). Not to mention Persona 5 Royal, which will delight J-RPG fans on October 21 this year.

Luckily, faced with a lack of surprises, fun indie properties are popping up in droves. In the film tribute department, Scorn will present a visual work by HR Giger on October 21st. Later that year, the monochrome shooter Squad 51 vs. Flying Saucers will blow its patina borrowed from sci-fi films from the 50s. Painted in watercolor, Gerda: Winter Flame from September 1st explores the fate of a young nurse during the German occupation of Denmark, marking Nod’s (Life is Strange) first ban as editor . Marking the popularization of 3D, low-poly nostalgia will emerge later this year between shooting games and survival horror respectively with Valfaris: Mecha Therion and Signalis. Or how the first Playstation really went retro…

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Bayonetta 3

Hypersexualized fantasy or evidence of a woman’s power? Bayonetta, the subject of controversy from France Inter to Inrocks, has been rocking pop culture for more than a decade. The flamboyant demon witch hunter is worth talking about again in this third hack & slash anyway. Moreover, after a long radio silence, the spiritual successor of Devil May Cry can now possess demons to control their actions. A promise of insane and demonic action that is one of the most anticipated Switch exclusives of the year.

Released October 28th. Published by Nintendo and developed by Platinum Games, age 16, available on Nintendo Switch.

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Inspired by Daniel Pecker and Nicolas Malfin’s City of Gold comic book series, Swordship subtly reimagines the idea of ​​a shooter game, removing any notion of shooting. This dodging game – its creators talk about dodging them – puts the player at the helm of a ship stealing water containers. Collecting goods that travel daily between the three sunken cities, this post-apocalyptic Go Fast’s airborne journey evens out the weather and ship settings that interfere with travel.

Coming out in September. Published by Thunderfull Publishing and developed by Digital Kingdom, age 16+, available on PC.

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