Stereolab Announces New Compilation With Unreleased Single ‘Robot Riot’ – Les Inrocks

The title appears on “Pulse Of The Early Brain”, the fifth volume of the “Switched On” compilation, which will be released on September 2.

And five! From 1992, two years after the band’s founding, Stereolab made it a habit to list their titles on top of compilations, all of which were called Switched On. After the first three volumes published respectively in 1992, 1995, 1998, and disbanding in 2009, the Franco-British group finally announced their return to Instagram at the end of 2018. in 2021. This year, Stereolab is no exception to the rule and announces the fifth volume by the beginning of the school year with the new Robot Riot.

Initially, the group of Tim Gein and Laetitia Sadier wrote Robot Riot for the sculpture of the American Charles Long, with whom Stereolab collaborated in 1995 on The Amorphous Body Study Center project.

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