Steve Jobs wanted an iPhone without a SIM card – Belgium iPhone

In full promotion of his new book, iPod father Tony Fadell continues to hone indiscretions behind the scenes at Apple.

In his latest book, Tony Fadell recounts several situations he was involved in during his time at Apple. One of the striking situations is that Steve Jobs seemed to have some design preferences. He wanted a stylish iPhone. So he explained to the engineers and designers working on the project that he didn’t want “another hole in it” anymore.

At that time and to this day in the United States, there were already two different ways to access the cellular network using a phone. Either the smartphone uses a SIM card to connect to the network, or it is code division multiple access (CDMA) compatible. With this option, the smartphone itself is tied to the network. The advantage of this CDMA variant is that it can remove “one more hole”. Steve Jobs was a supporter of this point of view, because for him the iPhone without a SIM card is quite viable.

And 15 years later, there is now talk of an iPhone without a SIM card slot that will only rely on an eSIM like the Apple Watch to communicate with the carrier. Steve Jobs, visionary?

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