Stock Market: CAC 40, Nasdaq, Renault, Stellantis… on Momentum this week

The CAC 40 stalled this week after hitting an important target in terms of technical analysis. The gas problem and fears of a recession in Germany (and the rest of Europe) are weighing on stock market trends. Stock market investors are focusing “on Europe’s energy supply problems resulting from the war in Ukraine,” notes Federal Finance Gestion. “Unless Nord Stream deliveries increase again, natural gas storage in the European Union could run out in March 2023,” the management company warns. However, to avoid this scenario, EU countries will have to reduce their gas consumption by an average of 11% and Germany by 22% compared to previous years.

The CAC 40 and Wall Street are torn between the negative impact of the economic slowdown (which is bad for the profits and solvency of some companies) and hopes for less austerity from central banks due to this worsening economic situation. The key question is whether the Fed can “slow down and back down by cutting key rates as early as 2023, despite inflationary pressures that should remain on that horizon,” Hestion said.


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In the near term, as the back-to-school fast approaches, central banks “should take decisive action in September to rein in still excessive demand,” the asset manager said. After all, he said, “the reintegration of stronger and longer inflationary pressures, which are likely to prolong central bank tightening, should push interest rates up a notch.” A development that could affect the stock market.

For his part, Marc Touati, economist and ACDEFI cabinet chairman, fears that the eurozone will fall into recession. “Despite the only thought that I would like the French economy to prosper and that the stock markets will continue to grow”, these hopes, according to the expert, will most likely not come true, according to the expert, who in these troubled times “you must feel free to take profits even too early, knowing that the major stock market indices have at least 15% downside potential.” Fortunately, “crises are always phases of opportunity,” he recalls.


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Momentum, Capital’s premium stock market newsletter, aims precisely to take advantage of these opportunities and spot profit-taking moments. This week we assessed the outlook for the CAC 40, Nasdaq and, more generally, growth and technology stocks. We also beat our expectations (up or down) in stocks as diverse as Renault, Stellantis, Vinci, Saint-Gobain, Séché Environnement, Alstom, Getlink, Teleperformance and Groupe Gorgé. And for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we also analyzed Ethereum, Bitcoin’s main rival.


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In terms of satisfaction, this week the trajectory of the CAC 40 and many stocks such as ArcelorMittal, Saint-Gobain or Stellantis matched our expectations, while many stocks analyzed in previous weeks or months (Orange, Ipsen, etc.) d.) has been taken out of the game.

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