Stock PS5: Super U announces a drop this Tuesday, June 15, hurry!

Want to finally get your hands on a PlayStation 5? So get ready: there will be stock this morning, Tuesday June 15, 2021 at Super U. As usual, only the fastest will be served.

Super U will offer PlayStation 5 this morning. This is official information displayed by the brand on its website. “The PS5 console will again be available for pre-order exclusively online today in the morning. You will be able to pick up your console in stores from June 29, 2021. ” Your order will therefore be delivered after two weeks if you manage to reserve your copy.

The sign did not specify a time for the launch of the orders. But if we stick to the previous operations, it will be necessary to be ready around 9 am. As a reminder, the last drop of the PS5 at Super U ended up being out of stock in just a few minutes.

PS5: stock at Super U, be on the lookout

Super U imposes some conditions to limit the crowd. As with previous sales, you will need to you must have a U card to order the PS5. This restriction had already provoked a general protest a few months ago. Get ready for the next big thing by requesting your loyalty card now. To get it, it’s simple: you can request it at this address after creating a U account.

The procedure will not take you a long time. You will be asked to fill in your basic information such as your last name, first name, address, bank details, etc. You will be able to put all the chances on your side to get a PS5 at Super U.

Due to the limited quantity of PS5 stock, the brand imposes a maximum console per customer. The group generally offers 500 copies of the PS5 for each operation. The quantity available this time has not been specified. Buying a PS5 is always an obstacle course. However, today you have the chance to finally get your hands on the precious sesame. But we’ll have to be very quick.

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