“Stop contempt”: “angry” midwives give voice

“Do not push”, “flushed”: several hundred midwives demonstrated Wednesday in Paris as part of the international day dedicated to them, demanding recognition and staff.

“Our profession is very little known and very little recognized”, explained to AFP Camille Dumortier, president of the National Union of Midwives (ONSSF), who reports “a big fed up “of these caregivers whose job is not limited to childbirth but also includes gynecological follow-up, assisted reproduction, abortions …

“For years we have been asking for more staff and a real medical status at the hospital,” adds Isabelle Maigniem, liberal midwife.

France has around 23,000 active midwives, 97% of whom are women, who work mainly in hospitals and clinics.

At the call in particular of the ONSSF, the UNSSF and the CGT, the demonstrators gathered in front of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

In white or blue coats, masked in red in reference to the red code activated in an emergency during childbirth, the midwives improvised several choreographies before heading to the Ministry of Health, where a delegation was to be received in the early afternoon.

“Great job, very shabby status”, “No more being wise”, “We gave birth to you, we must recognize us”, “Macron out of my vulva”, could we read on the banners of “storks but not pigeons “.

“We take care of women’s health and we are women”, notes Camille Dumortier, who makes the link with the fact “that we always forget them”. As recently “for the endowment of masks, to carry out PCR tests, to be able to prescribe and carry out anti-Covid vaccines”, notes a joint press release from the trade unions.

A sentiment repeated on many banners: “Neglecting midwives is neglecting women”, “Women / midwives same fight”, “Too wise, too women”.

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