Strange glowing phenomenon seen in Belgian sky (photos and video)

In Belgium and eastern France, many residents saw a series of luminous dots passing across the sky. Elon Musk is behind this phenomenon.

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Published on 21.08.2022 at 09:27
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On the night from Saturday to Sunday, in the Belgian sky, as well as in Franche-Comte in Lorraine and even in the Jura, many residents noticed something strange. Around 21:45, many luminous dots advanced, well aligned.

Elon Musk and his Starlink project are behind this phenomenon. Dozens of satellites were launched into orbit last night. They need to be deployed around the world to provide high speed internet coverage. The Starlink project aims to send more than 12,000 satellites in 2025 and even up to 40,000, according to L’Est Républicain. Huge project with significant benefits. The Starlink network is being used more and more, but it also creates a lot of space pollution around the Earth.

The images show the rise of the satellites before they finally go into orbit and are placed in different places above the globe.

The satellite launch has not been completed. You will certainly be able to watch them again on Sunday and Monday 21 and 22 August, always around 21:40. At, you can also follow the development and movement of satellites, as well as the next visible passages depending on your region.

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