strange lines and shaky screen if the latest driver is Windows 11

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on Asus gaming PC with Windows 11 and rtx3060 + Sony KD55X85J 4k TV:

– if I stay on the old graphics driver “472.84”: no problem

– on the other hand, if I install the latest/latest driver:
when I start the computer, I can clearly see the brand boot screen, but as soon as we should have the first Windows screen, the previous image freezes and shakes…
The PC however does not shut down, starts up fine because I hear the sound of arriving at the Windows desktop…
Most of the time I just need to unplug/replug the hdmi cable for the correct image to appear, but then it might happen again later if I stay on the windows desktop.
But this NEVER happens in a game session…: I can play for hours, no problem!

To try and fix the problem, I have DDU cleaned the driver/resetted etc, uninstalled geforce experience, changed hdmi cable etc without success.

– If you have bright ideas, I’m interested!

Thanks in advance, have a nice day



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