Stray cats love the game too, video proof –

Stray is a video game produced by BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive released a few days ago on PC and consoles. The player controls a lost cat in a cyberpunk environment that is now especially popular.

In this 3D adventure game, the player enjoys all the manias of our furry companions: slowly pushing an object on the ground, rolling into a ball, scratching, purring or throwing himself into all available boxes. The story to bring the fan service to the end, the key even allows the player to meow at will.

The animation is extremely neat and if the game has won the hearts of the players (10/10 out of 25,590 Steam reviews at the time of this writing), the cats seem to appreciate the work done by the developers too. .

Videos on the rise

To gauge the reactions of pets (mostly cats, but also dogs), the Cats Watching Stray Twitter account retweets photos and videos of our four-legged friends intrigued by the game.

Here are some examples we have selected for you.

Director Cameron Kennedy shared a video of his cat responding to the “Meow” button, which he called “just amazing.”

The cat seeks to get to know its digital relative.

This player was forced to kick his cat out of the room in order to enjoy the game.

Cats aren’t the only ones who are intrigued. Ozzy, as man’s best friend, also keeps a close eye on this virtual cat that roams “at home”. article adapted by CNETFrance

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