Stray: PS5 Physical Edition Pre-Orders Open –

A much anticipated game from a small independent studio called BlueTwelve Studio has been eagerly awaited by the community. And unlike some big AAA games (hello, Cyberpunk 2077), the launch was a complete success.

Recognized by the players, appreciated by the felines, the game has established itself as one of the benchmarks of the year. Stray puts players in the role of an injured and lost cat that develops in a cyberpunk world illuminated by colorful neon lights.

Available on PC and consoles, including PS Plus, the physical version of the game is coming soon to PS5.

Tramp – PS5

Stray is a video game published by BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive. It puts the player in the place of a stray cat in a post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk universe. The animation is especially good and takes advantage of the DualSense controller. For example, you can meow, scratch sofas, or even take a nap. A refreshing experience to discover.

Indeed, pre-orders for the Stray PS5 are already open on Amazon, and the physical edition will include a set of 6 art cards taken from the game universe. The actual release of this edition is scheduled for September 20 this year.

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