Stray: work jacket and helmet – how to get to the factory

In Errer you have many steps to get back to the outside world. While most of the locations in Cat Adventures are fairly tubular, both the Slums and Downtown chapters provide you with a slightly larger game world for you to explore freely.

However, since it is not always immediately clear which corner is next, we will help you a little. Next, we will explain where to find the jacket and helmet to enter the factory.

This is how you solve Clementine’s mission

If you follow the plot of The Tramp, you will inevitably see Clementine the robot find and steal a very special battery. However, it is heavily guarded at the Cyberpoint City factory. But how to get there?

Instructions on how best to do this are quite rare. It is important that you take a close look at the game world and talk to the numerous residents.

But if you can’t go any further at this stage and can’t find a starting point, you don’t need to despair. This is how you get a work jacket and helmet.

How can I get a work jacket and work helmet?

Below we list the direct way to get these two items:

find a cassette

  • Lack of exit from the metro and directions to the city center. Leaning towards a large vertical hologram robot. You should see a house with many apartments in front of you.
  • At the bottom of the entrance, the robots are asking you for a favor. This one consists of all three cameras to be destroyed in this area.
  • So, go up the stairs to the first floor and then jump onto the railing. From here, you can destroy two of the three cameras by simply jumping on them. The third chamber is on the outer wall on the first floor. Jump to the board and then to the camera.
  • Now you run to the teenage robots to get this ribbon as a reward.

© Annapurna Interactive/BlueTwelve Studio

steal a work jacket

  • With the tape on, you run to that clothing store with the big hologram.
  • Go to the back of the store and insert the cassette you have into the tape recorder. You attract a loud music dealer.
  • You can now run into the store and steal the red work jacket with white stripes that one of the models is wearing.

Wander - steal a jacket© Annapurna Interactive/BlueTwelve Studio

find clementines

  • To get to this stage, you must first find Clementine. She hides in a large house with many apartments. Climb to the top floor and look for an apartment where the windows and the door are boarded up. You enter the apartment through a small gap in the window.
  • If you have found Clementine, you will receive one of her contact messages.
  • We should see his contact now. He wears a bomber jacket and a gold chain.

steal a helmet

  • Since you’ve found Clementine, you can finally access the helmet. The store that has it is next to the hologram. Before him is now a robot that must expand the store. In the window you can already see the helmet of the desired worker.
  • However, a conversation with a worker in a yellow life jacket makes it clear that he cannot begin his work.
  • The reason is that his colleague Stuplashe cannot help him. While there are no goods in the store, you cannot enter it.
  • We get but valuable advice from Oskoor, which his colleague is probably dragging around the bar again.
  • The path leads you diagonally to a red-lit bar, where you learn that Oscur was drunk in the back bedroom.
  • And, of course, there you will find a robot completely drunk and apparently sleeping. However, you can’t wake him up that easily.
  • So go up the stairs and from there jump onto the shelf. Now knock over the bottle crate to wake up the drunk.
  • Having finished, Oscur now hobbles awkwardly towards his colleague.
  • Then jump into the crate in front of the two workers. Soon after, Oscar will deliver them to the store. So jump out of the box, steal the helmet from the window and disappear through the gate on your left.

Stray - Steal a helmet© Annapurna Interactive/BlueTwelve Studio

Find a contact and enter the factory

  • Return to the store where you stole the jacket and go down the narrow alley to the left.
  • At the end of this aisle, a robot is standing, wearing a bomber jacket and a gold chain, reading a newspaper. Talk to him and show him the contact message.
  • Blazer now asks you to give him one work jacket and a helmet so he can guide you to the factory. Give him two articles.
  • As soon as it moves, you hide in a box in front of the robot.
  • Blazer is now carrying the crate to the large factory gate, and after a short conversation with the worker, he is let in.
  • Once inside, jump out of the box and go in search of a battery to start the subway.

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