Streamer from Quebec xQc confessed to gambling addiction

Quebec-based streamer Felix “xQc” Lengel has been visiting online gaming sites during his live streams, which he stopped last year. Although he no longer streams this kind of content, the creator recently admitted that he is still addicted to gambling, as reported by Dexerto.

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However, last year, Lengyel made it clear that this addiction was bothering him, and even apologized to his viewers. However, in one of his latest streams, xQc finally decided to come to terms with what he calls mental illness.

“I think it’s fun. I’m addicted,” xQc said in the clip above. The streamer then responded that he has an “incredibly addictive personality” which is why he tried to stay away from Gambling Simulator and similar games.

His addiction also extends to games where gambling is not in the foreground, but where he still finds a way to satisfy it.

He then admitted that he was “sick” but still “gambled” because he could “afford” it financially.

“I am so easily addicted that I should not gamble. I do it anyway. This is good? No, it’s terrible. It’s a disease! I’m sick! But I can afford to get sick! I was lucky,” he shouted to his viewers.

At the same time, he emphasized that he was aware that others were not so “lucky”, urging them not to follow his example.


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