Street Fighter II cover illustrator Mick McGinty has died

Street Fighter II and Kid Chameleon cover illustrator Mick McGinty dies

The news came this weekend from the artist’s son, Jobey McGinty. Mick McGinty is remembered for his numerous illustrations that served as the covers for well-known Japanese games such as Street Fighter II or Streets of Rage. He explained to Polygon in 2014 that he “could bring an American point of view to these characters and their actions. The first thing they realized was that they could never sell these games if they had original covers, which I certainly didn’t like at the time. ”

This is how he took his paw to games like Shining Force, Kid Chameleon or Leisure Suit Larry.

However, the artist who graduated from fine arts in the United States has not only worked for video games. We owe him some famous movie posters like Who Wants Roger Rabbit’s Skin or Bigfoot and the Hendersons.

“My father was an incredible artist, as everyone knows. And as a true artist, he was never satisfied with his final work. A few weeks ago he said he needed ‘an extra hour on some pieces’ to ‘really finish them’. However, we all knew that was not true. Dad would always come to our house, look at some of the paintings he had done for us over the years, and turn his nose an inch away from the artwork and say, ‘You know, Jobe, I wish those bruises were a little deeper, ‘or’ you know, I wish I had put a little more shade on this tree, ‘or’ you really need a new coat of varnish, ‘”his son, Jobey McGinty, wrote in an obituary.

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