Studio explains why its PlayStation 4 game isn’t running on PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 arrives in November, directly competing with the Xbox Series X / Series S. For Sony, it is essential to to convince as many players as possible to remain the market leader with his new machine. It must be said that with this current generation, the Japanese firm has delivered excellent exclusives, including Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War, The Last of Us Part II… Games that players will undoubtedly want to relaunch on the PlayStation 5, taking advantage of its technical capabilities. So, Sony revealed that 4000 PS4 games will be compatible on PS5 except for a handful.

Among the games that are not backward compatible is Shadwen, developed by Frozenbyte.

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PushSquare therefore asked Frozenbyte why his Shadwen, released on PS4, is not running on PS4.

Frozenbyte evokes too high costs

One can easily wonder why some PlayStation 4 games do not offer PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility, thus enjoying a second life on the future machine. Among these games is Shadwen, developed by Frozenbyte. The studio was kind enough to explain to PushSquare why its PlayStation 4 game does not run on PlayStation 5, and the answer is totally honest, in addition to being understandable.

We have a lot of PlayStation 4 games playable on PlayStation 5 including Trine and Nine Parchments. However, Shadwen crashes at loading screen for some unknown reason. If this happened for a recent game, we might find the reason and fix it. Shadwen is unfortunately rather old and uses an older version of our engine, which we are no longer working on.

However, there is still a solution for Frozenbyte, who does not want to go through this. Because to offer Shadwen on PlayStation 5, the studio should “create a new version that would take a lot of effort“, Explaining that the game will remain“only on PlayStation 4“. Frozenbyte takes the opportunity to clarify that Shadwen will no longer receive updates.

Owners of a PlayStation 4 copy of Shawden will therefore have no choice: they will have to take out the machine to get a game. But that the players are reassured. With rare exceptions, a majority of PlayStation 4 games will run on the PlayStation 5.


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