Sudan: at least 7 dead and 23 injured in tribal clashes

At least seven people were killed and 23 injured in an inter-tribal conflict that took place on Thursday evening in the Blue Nile state in the southeast of the country, according to Sudanese authorities. The State Security Committee said in a statement released by the official agency that tribal incidents have resumed on Thursday afternoon in the region with no clear reason so far.

The committee decided to form a commission of inquiry with the participation of representatives of regular troops to clarify the circumstances, to restore the curfew in the cities of ad-Damazin and Rosiris from eight o’clock in the evening to five in the morning. and avoid unnecessary meetings. The committee also urged citizens to respect the decisions and cooperate with the security services to ensure security, apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Tribal clashes broke out in Blue Nile state on July 15, leaving 109 people dead and dozens injured, state health minister Jamal Nasser said. On July 25 of the same month, the United Nations reported the displacement of more than 31,000 people following the recent tribal clashes in the Blue Nile. As a result, protests were held in several Sudanese cities, including the capital Khartoum, condemning the events that took place in the Blue Nile state.

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