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The news reported that on August 1, Switzerland allowed doctors to prescribe cannabis for medical use. We offer you a brief overview of the most fashionable varieties this summer, when it is no longer about medical, but about legal use by adults.

We value their flavor or notorious effect where legally permitted, and we’ll take a look at a small summer selection of the most important cannabis strains of the moment if you’re traveling to a country where cannabis is available.

[Spoiler] The product is guaranteed without bananas inside [/Fin de Spoiler] – Summer 2022: 7 popular cannabis strains. Farniente and ganja are on Le Cannabiste.

For the sake of your health, don’t smoke. The strains described in this article are legally available in several states in North America. Growing or using cannabis may subject you to criminal prosecution, please follow the laws in force in your country. This is not an article for commercial purposes, but a non-exhaustive free overview, illustrative images: banks and related traders.


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#FROMyouRaspberry Cookies

Strawberry flavored natural weed has been around for a long time. Historically, the fragrance has been more associated with strains with a strong indica tendency, such as Kush. This natural strawberry scent is due, among other things, to the presence of limonene, a terpene found in many fruits, vegetables and plants.

Strawberry Cookies is a relatively strong strain that typically has THC levels around 18%. It is an exquisite companion for active mornings, sports, gardening, walking, cooking with friends where legal.

It should also be noted that Strawberry Cookies are especially appreciated by lovers of villainous sleep.

strawberry cookiesIntroducing Strawberry Cookies by Dutch Passion – Image Directory Online DR


The alpha and omega of a long vacation. Juicy Fruit is known for its regularity and duration of action for a long time. A strong variety, of course, but effective and balanced. Slightly higher THC than CBD, Juicy Fruit has a figure close to 20%. Paradoxically, this is not the most impressive variety in terms of effects.

Good for everything and working at will, this subtle indica/sativa blend can be a real Swiss army knife for your legal cannabis vacation. Summer, when you finally have something to do besides cycling or smoking.

Description of Juicy Fruit StrainPlantation of juicy fruits according to DR

#PeBreath with nut butter

This dominant indica is, like the previous two, basically at levels close to 18/20% THC. It is derived from the legendary Dos Si Dos and another Californian Mendo Breath (from Mendocino County to be exact).

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This is a very indica variety with noticeable and impressive effects. For example, it’s best not to drive for several hours after you’ve legally consumed it.

To give you an idea, in the genetic heritage of Peanut Butter Breath we find sacred monsters such as Girl Scout Cookies and Face Without a Face, of which they regularly approached 30%. Being in principle a softer and more balanced offspring than her parents, she is known to induce what is called a “brain high”, in other words, a feeling of intelligence that can “soar with ease”.

Known for its calming and stimulating effect on social bonds, peanut butter breath invites itself to small barbecues with friends, long quiet evenings.

Glowing feet in the water, sitting by the pool.

peanut butter breath 1Breath with peanut butter according to

ThugPug Genetics Peanut Butter BreathEnhance the peanut butter breath flower according to

#Fohrest Fire OG

This variety, prized by sports enthusiasts, is often found before virtuous uses such as vaporization. We leave about 20% THC for these fairly balanced plants with a sativa tendency. Forest fire is known to stimulate, maintain physical activity and concentration.

In varieties found today in California or Colorado, a CBG level of about 1% should be noted a priori. Cannabigerol, another non-psychotropic cannabinoid with a number of therapeutic properties.

Feminized marijuana seeds Fire OG wholesale 750x750 1Forest Fire OG according to Pacific Seeds Bank

#FROMeCrete Garden OG

This secret garden flower comes from India. It is rather intended for meditation and contemplation after a working day. An instant muscle relaxant strain, its aromas encourage frequent therapeutic use, help combat physical tension, pain and exhaustion. At the wrong time, it can unsettle even the most demanding consumers. At the very end of the evening, it is recommended, where its sale is allowed, to calmly put to bed.

Secret Garden OG is rich in linalool, which is a lavender scent. It is the word serenity that best describes the effect of this type of plant, sacred in the valley of Cush. A message of well-being and peace that has accompanied man since time immemorial.

Secret Garden OG Strain GrowingallbudThe Secret Garden OG according to

#NOohnorthern lights

The Northern Lights, an iconic variety if it ever existed, is the undisputed star of this top 7.

In a therapeutic context, the northern lights are widely used to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. If you have never heard of this legendary variety, know that it is part of the universal heritage of cannabis, from the United States to Australia via Amsterdam. If you only had to remember the name of one strain, it would be this one.

divine northern lightsNorthern Lights by

The northern lights, which are allowed to be used by adults, are known to stabilize mood. For your holiday in the country of legal cannabis, it will be a joyful companion of aperivides with friends, under the stars on a summer evening somewhere on earth…


Red icing on the cake in our range at Prévert. Trends are constantly updated in terms of cannabis strains. Some leave an indelible mark on their time. This is the case of Gelato, which represents a bit of youth, in our top 7 of the summer.

Several varieties currently exist, but the very first ice cream marks a turning point in the legalization of popular varieties in the US. It is a weed that is consumed there in a very playful way and is easily vaporised. A fairly light flower that doesn’t get bored, with THC levels close to 17%.

A recognizable balance between everything. Gelato is known for inducing a sense of well-being through indica and euphoric overtones, inherited from sativa by half of this voracious herb’s heritage when legally permitted.

gelato 45 circle new 21 362937Ice Cream at Barney’s Farm – DR

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This is the end of our little summer collection. Remember, especially our younger readers, cannabis is not a candy or a miracle cure for all problems. This summer, remember to handle your cigarette butts properly and safely. In the heat, drink plenty of water, eat healthy, take time to look at the horizon, sleep, love yourself and recharge your batteries.

Whatever your style, the secret to a healthy and enjoyable holiday is also moderation, have a great summer.

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