Summer Game Fest 2021: Geoff Keighley announces the return of his digital festival

The 2021 edition of the Summer Game Fest will bring together all the presentations from publishers and studios during the summer.

Criticized by some players on social networks because of a poorly adapted and much too long formula, the Summer Game Fest was still a huge success following the cancellation of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Animator Geoff keighley has understood the lesson well and promises a better worked 2021 edition where the presentations spread over long months will in principle give way to a single event during the month of June with several announcements (the plans will be detailed in the coming weeks), and undoubtedly alongside partnerships with Valve (Steam), Epic Games (EGS), Microsoft (Xbox Store) or Sony (PlayStation Store) to offer demos and discounts.

The independents will also be present during the Summer Game Fest 2021

Produced by Double Fine Productions (a subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios) and iam8bit, with the help of Geoff Keighley’s teams, the Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition will highlight AAA games but also independent nuggets through ‘interviews with the developers, trailers in the form of CGI trailers / cinematics or even gameplay sequences (registrations are open until the end of the week). Musical performances will punctuate the whole thing because the video game is above all a party.

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