SUMMER GAME FEST 2021 | PlayStation: Sony announces a partnership with Deviation Games, to create a new license

During the opening ceremony of the Summer Game Fest 2021, we discovered the existence of a new studio, Deviation Games, which cooperates with Sony.

Sony has announced many partnerships recently and today it’s up to one with Deviation Games. This brand new studio is founded by Jason Blundell and Dave Anthony, who notably worked for Activision on the Call of Duty series.

At the start of the Summer Game Fest 2021, we learned that this developer is working hand in hand with PlayStation to give birth to a new license. Unfortunately, no concrete details on the game have been given, whether it is the genre or even the platform (s), although we suspect that it will be at least on PS5.

Despite everything, we know that Deviation Games has more than 100 employees and that the development of this mysterious title has already started well. That bodes well for a full unveiling this year or 2022, at least hopefully.

More details will be coming soon.

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