Summer Game Fest: Jeff Keighley plans fewer side conferences

Geoff Keighley lived up to his reputation. On the busy Twitter Spaces today, he was once again seen promoting his Summer Game Fest event. The end of E3 cleared the field for this event, as well as more minor live studio performances. While this exercise was new to many at the start of the pandemic, the past year has left many players with a bitter taste. Indeed, the pace suggested by some may have been disappointing. According to the man, in the future the situation should change:

There were a lot of shows last year where everyone was disappointed because they weren’t really press conferences, were they? For example, Take-Two, Capcom, Square Enix and the like… I think[ils] learned that if you’re hosting a press conference you need over 30 minutes of content and sometimes they only have one or two great games that might not be enough to complete the event. So I think there will be some changes. I have a pretty good idea of ​​what’s coming next month and I think people will be excited about games in general.

The subject is easy for those who have the only actual replacement for the E3 format. However, we must admit that he is not entirely wrong. We always have the right to smaller events that do not have the same taste. Perhaps this is a sign of convergence of these performances to offer players a better choice? What do you think ?

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