Sun’s Missing Link Explosion May Solve Sun’s Long-Term Mysteries

A new study of the “missing link” solar eruption hopes to elucidate the mechanism that causes all solar eruptions. This simulation shows the evolution of the stealth CME. (Image courtesy of NASA / ARMS / Joy Ng Goddard Space Flight Center, producer)

Incredible blast on the sun helps scientists uncover new information about the causes of strong solar eruptions and how we might better predict them in the future.

Back in March 2016, scientists used NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory and the Sun and Heliosphere Observatory, a joint NASA / European Space Agency (ESA) mission, to observe a dramatic explosion in the Sun. This event demonstrated the characteristics of three different types of solar eruptions, which usually occur separately, but this time clearly happened together. according to NASA… Because it included many different types of events at once, scientists studying the explosion in the new study believe that this strange phenomenon could reveal the causes of all types of solar eruptions.

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