Super Meat Boy Forever finally has its release date: December 23

Not long ago, we were treated to the Game Awards ceremony. There was an avalanche of announcements, which included the release date of Super Meat Boy Forever. A decade after the first part, its sequel will land December 23, on PC via the Epic Games Store initially.

Nugget in panic

So it’s official, Meat Boy will be back for a new adventure in ten days. In Super Meat Boy Forever, our hero lived peaceful days after having found his sweetheart with whom he had a child. At least, until the day their daughter, Nugget, is kidnapped by the Machiavellian Dr Fetus. It is up to them to save and recover it.

This new opus obviously offers a breakthrough in the mechanics while keeping the solid foundations that made the success of Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes’ game in 2010. We are promised more than 7000 procedurally generated levels to discover and fans have probably can’t wait to get your hands on it.

However, no news of the console versions. We are therefore satisfied with a release set for December 23 on the Epic Games Store and then “later” on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. A Steam version will also arrive after the temporary exclusivity period.

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