Supercosi raises 2 million euros to find a place in the mobile video game market

The video game market is booming. Now it weighs 105 billion dollars and continues to grow by more than 5% per year. “Mobile games are also growing more and more, they make up half of the market,” says Jean-Baptiste Fleury. This former marketing manager at Nintendo, who also left Ubisoft, has just joined forces with Charlotte Lavergne, who used to work at Gameloft or Kobojo. Together they created their own studio called Supercosi and specialized in “casual” games like sudoku or word search.

Established in November 2021, the company now has 9 employees and should soon increase its staff to 15 people. To develop and publish these upcoming games, the company has just raised 2 million euros from Trust Esport funds created by Matthieu Dallon and Kima Ventures, run by Xavier Niel. BPI and several entertainment industry angels round out the roundtable. “The goal is to fund the film crew,” Charlotte Laverne elaborates. At the same time, Supercosi plans to use part of the funds for marketing.

“One out of 20 games is a success”

Because to get started in the mobile gaming market, “you have to be very attractive and have sophisticated tools,” says Jean-Baptiste Fleury. To make room for it, the company is developing prototypes that it first tests on a sample of players in the US. “In the video game industry, we consider one in 20 games to be successful. Testing them in front of us allows us to divide the costs by five times, ”the manager clarifies.

The challenge for the company is also to make these games more visually appealing, as well as adding “a pinch of competitiveness”. “When you play Sudoku, it is much more interesting to compare your score with other players and participate in tournaments. It adds a social dimension. And, thanks to our experience in the sector, we know that it works well,” continues the leader.

40 to 50 employees by 2025

To support its development, the company has also just joined Station F’s Founders Program. The company has already made the first three prototypes. The first did not work and was therefore abandoned, the second is currently in testing, and the third is in development. In the next nine to twelve months, Supercosi hopes to bring its first game to market. “We have a very strong conquest plan,” the leader assures. The idea is to make games for mobile devices and then for consoles and develop new categories. We want to create “casual”, but rather complex games. »

By 2025, the company plans to increase its staff to 40-50 people.

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