Superman: gameplay prototype, characters … the canceled game reveals its secrets

More than 15 years after the release of the game Superman Returns, we are regularly entitled to new rumors concerning one or more games around the man in the red cape. If we had already recently heard of concept art from the portfolio of Joel Dos Reis Viegas likely intended for a canceled game, today is another title featuring the son of Krypton that is surfacing.

A major Superman game

This is through a thread posted on Twitter by DevSalvatrix, the Lead Designer of the title at the time, that another canceled Superman game made about him. The studio in charge of the project was Factor 5 and a lot of information about it is reaching us today.

The main aim of the game was to present spectacular aerial combat in a large urban environment with the added bonus of crossing buildings during clashes.

A video of a gameplay prototype is also available in which we can indeed appreciate the ambitions of the title. We note that it was indeed possible to cross the buildings by grabbing the enemies and that the main capacities of the hero were in the game.

Cancellation and closure of the studio

It is mainly because of the economic crash of 2008 that the game was never released. The project was originally intended to accompany the big-screen release of the later-canceled Superman Returns sequel. Factor 5 studio and publisher Brash Entertainment had no choice but to go out of business while the project was at a fairly advanced stage in its development.

Several art concepts around characters potentially present in the game are also available. Livewire, Parademon, Brimstone and Darkseid were notably in the game while the latter was to be the big bad of Bryan Singer’s film. A target render is also available giving a more precise idea of ​​the artistic direction that the game should take.

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