Suspected of pimping, man allegedly recruited teenagers on Instagram

In the court of Versailles, a 33-year-old man was indicted for aggravated pimping and bribery of a minor. Using fake Instagram profiles, he allegedly recruited teenagers to prostitute them.

“Hello, my name is Célia, I am 16 years old. With girlfriends we are a group of escorts. We are five between 13 and 16 years old. Do you want to earn money anonymously and discreetly without advertising without anyone knowing anything? ”. It is this type of message that worried police officers according to He was found on one of the fake Instagram accounts of Franck, a 33-year-old man, arrested in early September in a town north of Les Mureaux for a narcotics case.

While searching his phone, the police discovered conversations with prostitutes, in particular related to fees. The man defends himself by calling himself a consumer and admits to love extreme practices. While searching his house, they discover 3 dildos, 13 bras, panties, thongs and administrative documents that do not belong to him.

Cyber ​​manipulation

Her Instagram profile is studied in detail and the police discover that she uses five profiles at the same time, four of which are female. A way to hook your victims and quickly ask them for photos and videos of sex with objects and even animals. He admits to having had a sexual relationship with a minor under 15 but denies being a pimp.

Franck has also admitted to frequenting the dark web to hack bank and computer data. The police, who have seized all of your computer equipment, will take the time to analyze all your data with a fine-tooth comb and conduct a full investigation. For the time being, he has been placed under judicial supervision and has been released.

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