Suspended BBC Gary Lineker now criticizes Elon Musk and Twitter

After being suspended by the BBC for criticizing the British government’s immigration policy, Gary Lineker attacks Twitter.


It’s not much, just a short sentence that challenges Elon Musk and Twitter with elegance, as always with Gary Lineker. “Is everything okay, Elon Musk? And I’m not talking about grammar…

Attached is a message from his son George, who explains very simply that in the past few days, with the Match of the Day host suspended by the BBC, but also showing the tremendous support he enjoyed, “There have never been so many messages of support on Instagram. Twitter has never had so many insults. So it has nothing to do with me!” And he adds a message he received from one Alex, who asks him “how dare you support what your asshole father said that you should burn at the stake.” Just one example out of many.

Incidentally, the Linekers point out where social media, and Twitter in particular, should hurt. As we know, the networks revolve around reposts, likes, comments and heated reactions. This is how data is transferred, and therefore money. And for that, there is nothing better than controversial content, content that encourages clicks, replies and extreme reactions… With its over the top “free speech” policy, without any guarantees, this is exactly what Elon Musk is looking for. It is also what allowed the election of Donald Trump. Thus, the question arises: “Is this acceptable?”

Another goal was scored by the former No. 9 of the Three Lions.

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