Swapin Solutions, why do you need a gateway between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies?

Cryptocurrencies were created to gradually replace traditional fiat currencies. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the potential of technology is obvious, and the very ideology of cryptography indicates it, the traditional world of finance is not so easily defeated. It will take a long time for this change to happen.

There was a time when no one believed that email would replace writing or that a website would replace a paper newsletter. Cryptocurrency adoption is estimated at about the same rate as the Internet in the late 90s. This means that the industry is indeed experiencing incredible growth, but there is still a long way to go.

Along with the anticipation of reaching this milestone, Swapin solutions have been developed to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency market and the wider financial industry. Let’s find out together all the reasons why such a tool is still necessary for the proper functioning of the ecosystem, and how Swapin’s products and services make it easy to convert to cryptocurrencies right now.

Why are Swapin solutions a necessary step towards cryptocurrency adoption?

The average investor with a long history of investing in cryptocurrencies probably has a lot of capital to spend. There are also crypto enthusiasts who want to achieve further adoption by using cryptocurrency for their daily transactions.

Either way, Swapin makes their life easier! If the former wants to earn a large amount of cryptocurrency, buy a property or treat himself to a Rolex or a shiny new car, he usually has to overcome a number of obstacles, deal with a number of third parties (including banks). ) and is exposed to a significant risk of conversion costs throughout the transaction.

The latter cannot freely use their cryptocurrency to pay for groceries and monthly bills, pay rent, or send money to friends and family. If they just want to access fast money to consume, they will have to go through the same long, tedious and risky steps as the first time. In the end, they may end up with less money than expected. Luckily, Swapin is here to help.

Commercial Decisions Are Destroying Several Important Sectors

Swapin has been in the news lately due to the establishment of several important partnerships. Consider, for example, a new partnership with a major real estate company, RE/MAX. This allows cryptocurrency holders to buy a home or business using their cryptocurrencies. RE/MAX uses Swapin’s CoinCollector tool to receive cryptocurrencies from its customers via a pre-populated, easy-to-use payment link generated by Swapin.

Other companies have also started using the Swapin E-Com tool, which allows you to accept cryptocurrencies directly on their website. Luxury jewelry retailers and other high quality service providers have also teamed up and allowed this tool to be used on their online website.

These innovations benefit both business and customers. But rest assured, there are many advanced solutions for individuals as well.

Consumer fiat-to-crypto conversion services make cash payments obsolete

Now we know how tools designed for professionals (B2B) are changing several sectors at once. It’s time to take a closer look at how Swapin B2C tools are changing the way we conduct instant transactions from cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies.

With this tool, consumers can pay monthly bills such as a Netflix subscription by setting up recurring payment models and using pre-set payments. The Predefined Payments option is based on InstaPay’s solution, which allows you to immediately convert all cryptocurrencies to fiat currency before sending to a specific bank account. With InstaPay you can send cryptocurrencies to your friends or family, they will automatically receive euros or dollars instead!

Finally, InstaFill is the perfect solution for cryptocurrency holders who are always wasting their crypto reserves. When you connect a bank account to a Swapin crypto wallet, your digital assets entering the wallet are automatically converted into fiat currency and transferred to your linked bank account. So you can spend them to your heart’s content with ease.

Enter Tomorrow’s World Now With Swapin Solutions

Swapin’s meteoric rise seems unwavering. The company has raised funds from many investors in the sector. These amounts have been allocated to a specific roadmap used to develop the tools and the company. The strategy is promising and ambitious. It includes an InstaBuy solution and a virtual IBAN implementation.

The company is actively expanding in Europe and plans to launch a mobile app to make it easier to manage your Swapin account on the go. To start using the tools offered by Swapin, visit the official website. The Swapin app is browser based. Access the future of finance, accept Swapin.

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